Online shopping is swiftly replacing traditional brick and mortar stores. Research shows that more than 95% of the European population have made at least one purchase online. As a retailer with an impressive following on your blog posts, it is time to start monetizing it. You can use the platform to launch your e-commerce site or promote other brands. But first, you will need a great platform to develop your online store.

With so many e-commerce platforms available, choosing the right one can be tough, especially if it is your first time. You do some research and if need be, reach out to friends and business partners and ask them to advise you on the best options available. If you do not have time for all of this, just read on and discover some of the best e-commerce platforms today.

Best e-commerce platforms available today


At the moment, there are more than 200,000 online retailers using this open source technology. So, it is not a surprise to find it on the list of the best e-commerce sites available. This well designed platform has been designed in such a way that it gives the users enough room to customize and control their online stores-and the best part is that it can efficiently work with small businesses as well as major retailers who are already established.

The downside of Magento is that its interface is not, i.e., one needs to learn how to use an entirely new platform. Finding your way around the platform and figuring out how to add your new online store to your already existing WordPress blog might take some time.


Like Magento, Shopify is one of the best open source technology with a large following. More than 150,000 online retailers are currently using the platform today. While it does not in any way give as much flexibility as Magento, Shopify has an easy to learn user interface in place, and this has made it become the most preferred option by many start-ups.


X-Cart is an open source e-commerce platform which offers a range of paid functions that one can quickly adapt and use in his online store. Despite being expensive, X-Cart has lots of customizable features which are not available on other platforms. Thus, if you do not mind digging deeper into your pocket when setting up an online store, this is the option to go for.

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